Open Letter to the Senate Finance Committee

We wrote and submitted the following letter to the Senate Finance Committee, in preparation for their hearing on September 25, 2017. Letters can be mailed or emailed (

Our Voices Matter

Our voices matter. When we unite together with a strong value-based message, supported by evidence, we make it clear to our legislators that they work for us.

The Week of Calling (aka, the Zombie Bill)

If ever you were going to call, today and tomorrow would be the days to do it. Ask your Senators to vote NO on the Motion to Proceed with the GOP healthcare bill.  

#ProtectOurCare: #KilltheBill

Now that we’ve seen the Senate #trumpcare bill, we are determined more than ever to fight it.  The Congressional Budget Office estimates that if this bill passes, 22 million people will lose their health insurance, and out of pocket costs will rise, particularly for those in states who enact waivers for essential health benefits. We

#ShowUstheBill: Democrat Focus

The Senate Republicans are drafting a secret health care bill they are trying to pass by the end of June.  There are several methods that the Democrat senators can use to slow down this process and fight this bill.

#ShowUstheBill: June 12-June 23 2017

From June 12-June 23, we are participating in the #showusthebill campaign in support of the stop Trumpcare movements. Direct communication with your representatives is democracy in action and is effective. The Senate Republicans are trying to pass a healthcare bill by the end of June.  In addition to limiting input on the bill to thirteen

Brussels’ Lights 4 Rights Rally

Raising socially conscious little humans is formidable.  Together, we explore ways to move intentionally through life, seeking little (and big) joys along our journey toward balance.  But it’s not enough to teach them to find peace and joy within themselves and the magnified moments of their lives.  We must also teach them to seek social justice, such that all people are afforded the space within which to seek harmonious balance.

Long-Distance Resistance

2am: 5000 miles from where I’m registered to vote, I angled the bright phone screen away from my sleeping husband.  I flipped between news sites, checking the election return live updates.  Polls were closing all over the East Coast, and Clinton possible-win percentage estimate was steadily decreasing. I had tried to sleep earlier, before the

Dear Senator: Reject the AHCA

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), a bill which will cause an estimated 23 million Americans to lose their health insurance over the next decade.  The bill is now in the Senate’s hands.  It is essential for us to reach out to our Senators, to ask them

Dear Editor…

Our PACK is determined to voice our political opinions, whether it’s on the phone with members of Congress, chanting during a protest, or like one of our members did, by writing a letter to the editor for the Arizona Daily Star.  Bryna’s letter was specifically in response to a guest opinion written by C.J. Karamargin,